CEO’s Message

Thank you for taking time to visit Manet Group’s corporate website. This website was created to give our clientele an in-depth understanding of our company’s principles and beliefs. Like the development of a butterfly which evolves slowly but steadily from a mere speck of an egg laid on a leaf, the Manet Group has grown over the years from a relatively modest beginning to our status as one of the major companies in the country.

I cannot say with conviction that I easily foresaw today’s business scope and scale when I started. What is certain, however, is the reality that hard work and single-minded dedication will almost invariably spell success.

I cannot fully predict the effects the Manet Group will have on the Ghanaian economy but I am certain, nonetheless, that we will certainly extend the scope of our business well beyond the borders of Ghana. Manet Group’s key objective is sustained growth in shareholder value, achieved by ever-increasing revenue and profitability. This objective will be achieved through our total commitment to:

  • the highest ethical standards

  • highest level of customer service that exceeds our clients’ requirements and expectations

  • product leadership within our markets

We believe in conducting business with the highest level of integrity, transparency, open communications, hard work and prudent financial management. These are Manet Group’s core values, the foundation on which our business culture is based. As we continue to grow and as our businesses become more diverse, a shared well-communicated, up-to-date corporate philosophy is critical.

Thank you once again for visiting our website.